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Bible Teaching

What Is Spikenard?

What the Bible says about Spikenard and the Woman who Wasted it.  Jesus was anointed on the head and feet by Spikenard.   Gospel of Mark Bible Study:  Mark 14:3-9 I have a question, “Is it Biblical to just do what you can?” Have you heard the statement before, “just do what you can!” I […]

Brother Todd 
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How To Not Live A Boring Christian Life

'How Not To Live a Boring Christian Life' is a book designed to show you a life that leaves behind the mundane and goes into a life filled with joy, passion, and purpose. Through this book, you will learn of amazing mission stories from His Feet International. We will also dive in to a deep fundamental study on the mission of the Kingdom of God to help you find inspiration into your unique purpose. This book will help you realize that your life of excitement and fulfillment in the kingdom is waiting for you. You will be encouraged to push past your comfort zone and take risks in order to experience new things and grow in your faith.

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